Bloomberg Television Headed to Canada

Michael Bloomberg

New York Mayor, founder of Bloomberg Lp.

Net Worth: $27 billion

Showbiz Connection: He founded Bloomberg TV and has a SAG card and 91 credits on IMDb at age 71. He lobbied to bring NBC’s Tonight Show back to New York in 2005 and will welcome its return in 2014. but his attempted ban on profitable 16-ounce sugary drinks enraged theater owners.

Michael Bloomberg sells his news and data terminals to market players here and now will launch a local TV offering.

Bloomberg Television is headed to Canada with plans to launch a local version of its U.S. business cable channel.

Bloomberg LP founder Michael Bloomberg has pacted with indie broadcaster Channel Zero to launch Bloomberg Television Canada in spring 2015. "Canada is a vital market for us. The Bloomberg professional service has been in Canada's top financial firms for more than 25 years, and it is now one of our fastest growing markets in the world," Bloomberg said in a statement.

The Canadianized Bloomberg Television channel, to launch in mid-2015, will simulcast content from the U.S. service, while including hourly updates on market action at the Toronto Stock Exchange and from news bureaus in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

Bloomberg competes with Thomson Reuters in the news and financial data platform arena, and will vie on the TV business channel front with Bell Media's Business News Network.