Blue Collar is to Die for


Or Die Networks, the rapidly expanding online home of FunnyOrDie, is adding yet another partner: Blue Collar Comedy, the franchise featuring Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall.

Blue Collar production company Parallel Entertainment and former Viacom executive Lawrence Lyttle launched on Wednesday, adding an online arm to a franchise that has already spawned movies, TV, merchandise and more. Also behind the venture are CAA and law firms Del, Shaw, Moonves, Tanaka, Finkelstein & Lezcano and Barnes, Morris, Mark, Yorn & Levine. will feature short-form videos, many starring the franchise's key players. Or Die Networks has added ShredOrDie, an action-sports site featuring Tony Hawk, and FunnyOrDie itself has expanded with the addition of Judd Apatow.