Blue Dragon nominates 'Thirst,' 'President'

Grand Bell winner 'Divine Weapon' absent from best pic noms

SEOUL -- Five nominees for the 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards were named Friday: "Thirst" (Moho Film); "Mother" (Barunson Film); "Good Morning President" (Soran Playment); "Take Off" (KM Culture); and "Haeundae" (JK Film).

The Blue Dragons, one of the country's two major film awards along with Grand Bell Prize Film Award, takes place Dec. 2 at KBS Hall in Seoul. The winners will be selected based on surveys of 500 film professionals including directors, critics, producers and distributors.

Aside from the best picture nominations, Kim Yong-hwa ("Take Off"), Park Chan-wook ("Thirst"), Bong Joon-ho ("Mother"), Yun Je-kyoon ("Haeundae") and Jang Jin ("Good Morning President") were nominated for best director.

Up for best actor are Jang Dong-kun from "Good Morning President"; Song Kang-ho from "Thirst"; Ha Jeong-woo from "Take Off"; Kim Yun-seok from "Running Turtle" and Kim Myung-min from "Closer to Heaven."

For best actress, Kim Ok-bin from "Thirst" and Kim Ha-neul from "My Girlfriend Is an Agent" have been nominated along with Kim Hye-ja from "Mother," Choi Kang-hee from "Aeja" and Ha Ji-won from "Closer to Heaven."

"The Divine Weapon," a martial arts film by Kim Yu-jin, won the Grand Bell for best picture. Best director went to Kim Yong-hwa of "Take Off."