Blue Ivy Was a Victim of Fake News

Getty Images
Blue Ivy Carter and Jay Z

She dressed like Prince, not a princess.

Before the Grammy Awards ceremony started, there was an image floating around online that claimed Blue Ivy was in a gold gown headed to the show.

Turns out, that image was fake. The photo in question can be seen below.

As TV Guide pointed out, the photo was taken from Brooklyn-based Pantora Mini Boutique's Instagram account. The dress in that photo is currently posted on Etsy to promote the brand's "Nathania ballgown flower girl dress ballgown," which retails for $360 and up.

Instead, Blue actually dressed up like Prince in a ruffled top, pink blazer and sequined pants. ScHoolboy Q's daughter, Joy Hanley, also opted for the rosy shade, stepping out in a mini pink Gucci suit, while her dad wore a pink sweater that said "Girl Power."

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