'Blumenthal' Clip: Couple Fights as They Deal With Brother Dying From Laughter (Exclusive Video)

The indie comedy, which hits New York City theaters March 28, ahead of a VOD release April 1, stars Laila Robins, Mark Blum, Brian Cox, Fred Melamed and Seth Fisher, who wrote and directed the film.

Two differently bizarre ways of dealing with death are showcased in this exclusive clip from the new independent comedy Blumenthal, which is set to hit New York City theaters March 28.

In the film, celebrated playwright, Harold Blumenthal dies after suffering a heart attack while laughing at his own joke. His death leaves his estranged, jealous brother Saul (Mark Blum) constipated and struggling to put things in order, while his wife, Cheryl (Laila Robins), is moving forward on another matter: plastic surgery.

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In the above clip, Saul storms out, saying he's going to pick up Harold's lifetime achievement award, feeling that he should have it, as Cheryl follows behind him lamenting what's happened to him.

"Look at yourself, you've lost your only brother and all you're feeling is constipated," Cheryl says.

"I told you that will pass," Saul says, adding, "This is my own process -- my own, healthy process."

Just before he heads out, though, Saul finds a pamphlet about cosmetic surgery, leading to a funny quarrel with Cheryl in which Saul suggests getting a consultation from a plastic surgeon is as useless as "asking a shoe salesman if he thinks you need a new pair of shoes."

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Blumenthal was written and directed by Seth Fisher, who also stars in the film alongside Brian Cox (Red and Red 2, The Campaign), Fred Melamed and Mei Melancon. The film is being distributed by GoDigital and will be available on VOD on April 1, following its New York theatrical release. Blum's past film credits include I Don't Know How She Does It, Shattered Glass, Miami Rhapsody and Desperately Seeking Susan. Robins previously has appeared in The Good Shepherd and Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

"Films like Blumenthal are a welcomed reminder of why we work in the independent space," GoDigital CEO Logan Mulvey said in a statement announcing the theatrical release. "This is a cohesive display of both talented performances and overall filmmaking, and we're pleased to have a hand in its presentation to film lovers everywhere."

The film premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in 2013 and screened at the First Time Fest in New York. Fisher also documented the making of the film on his website, watchmemakeamovie.com.

Fisher is repped by Paradigm and Aperture Entertainment.