EXCLUSIVE: Bo Derek on Blake Edwards: 'We’ve Lost a Genius in the Entertainment World.'

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

The "10" star pays tribute to the writer-director who 'brought the best out of me.'

10 star Bo Derek called Thursday’s passing of writer-director Blake Edwards the loss of a “genius in the entertainment world.”

But more than that, Derek says she’ll remember the actor-director’s loyalty to his friends and colleagues.

“I remember the very first time I walked on the set for 10, he had the same people working at that time as from the beginning of his career,” Derek tells The Hollywood Reporter. “He was a very loyal man. Thirty years later I remember that as very rare in this business.”

The director also “spoiled her” with her break in the entertainment industry with the “life-changing” role in 10.

“I have never felt so confident,” she says. “He brought out the best in me. And I’m not alone in that book.”

“It’s the saddest news.”

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