Bo Derek Dispels the Belief She's Republican: 'I'm Independent. I Voted for Obama' (Video)

The actress tells THR where she stands on politics now and discusses her support of American Hometown Heroes, a program aimed at providing business opportunities for military veterans.

Most people believe that Hollywood sex symbol Bo Derek belongs to the Republican Party. It’s not hard to believe, since she campaigned for both George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns. But, the star says that she doesn’t currently belong to either major political party.

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“I’m independent,” Derek, 55, tells The Hollywood Reporter when asked about her previous participation in the Republican Party. “People think I’m Republican, I’m Independent. I voted for [Barack] Obama.”

She says that she indeed got caught up in the political process at one point in her life, but she now feels apathetic about the current election and its candidates.

“At this point, it’s a very strange election to me,” she says. “I will certainly vote, but do I feel like putting myself [behind a candidate]? Oh, first of all, no one should listen to me and what I have to say even though some of them did.”

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“I think our country functions pretty well, certainly we’ll be fine without my contribution,” she also says. “I love that our country has this pendulum, checks and balances, I think it’s wonderful that people are getting involved, but it’s personal. I don’t care who you vote for. Vote, it’s fun to care.”

Currently, Derek is placing her star power behind a program aimed at providing business opportunities for military veterans called American Hometown Heroes. It is designed by a group of independent Yellow Pages publishers that provide professional marketing advice, consultation, and ad space to returning vets who would like to start a new business in their hometown.

“They came up with this idea to use what they do as a service to returning veterans,” Derek explains. “When people and small businesses say, ‘Hey, I might be able to help,’ and then do it, it’s great.”

For more information on the American Hometown Heroes, visit the program’s website.

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