Bob Barker In Canadian Elephant Rescue Bid

Former game show host offers $100,000 to diagnose Edmonton zoo elephant.

TORONTO -- Former Price Is Right host and animal rights activist Bob Barker is offering Edmonton city hall $100,000 to give the local zoo’s Lucy the elephant a medical check-up. "I sincerely hope the City of Edmonton will allow outside experts to help Lucy so that her suffering can be ended," he said in a statement.

Barker has followed the progress of the 35 year-old Asian elephant since he met an ailing Lucy in person at the Edmonton Valley Zoo in 2009. He wants an independent assessment of Lucy to be done by elephant experts at Zoocheck Canada and the Performing Animal Welfare Society.

"It's crucial that Lucy's condition be accurately diagnosed before her health deteriorates further. It is indefensible that Lucy has been forced to live in misery for all these years,” Barker argued.

The former game show host in recent months has stepped up his public campaign to get elephants in Canadian zoos to sunnier climes in California for their health and survival.