Bob Barker Returns to 'Price Is Right' for April Fools' Day

Courtesy of The Price is Right

The longtime host was welcomed to the stage with bows from audience members.

Bob Barker is back!

The veteran Price is Right host returned to the CBS game show stage on Wednesday's episode in honor of April Fools' Day.

After audience members were called down to the front, the surprise host was announced, bringing the audience into an excited frenzy.

"And now, here is the star of The Price is Right: Bob Barker!" the emcee said, welcoming Barker to the stage.

"Thank you," he said, taking a bow and blowing kisses towards the audience. "What a welcome. I have never had a welcome like that."

Audience members bowed towards the host and cheered loudly at his return.

"I'm here because I was selected by The Price is Right to be their April Fool," Barker said. "I know the world is full of fools, but I am a carefully selected fool, and it is a pleasure to be with you."