Olympics 2012: Bob Costas Casts the Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Movie

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The NBC host says the crew "reached a consensus" about who should play the three-time gold medal winners in the movie of their lives. Do you agree?

Who should play three-time U.S. gold medal champions Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings in the movie about their amazing careers in beach volleyball? According to Bob Costas, Smash star Debra Messing and Enlightened star Laura Dern would fit the bill nicely.

In an interview with the star athletes following their third consecutive win at the Summer Games, the NBC anchor pointed out a photo of the two standing on the podium and said, "Before you showed up, we kind of reached a consensus. If they do a movie, Laura Dern is going to play [Kerri] and Debra Messing is going to play Misty." (The exchange begins at 1:22 in this video clip.)

The casting news elicited an "Interesting!" from Walsh Jennings, who then offered, "I like them both," before pointing out that May-Treanor's big screen favorite is actually Sandra Bullock.

A decade separates the champions from the actresses: May-Treanor is 35 and Walsh Jennings 33, while Dern is 45 and Messing 43. But then Bullock is 48 -- and age, after all, is just number. (Particularly for Jennings, who pledges to return in four years for the Rio Olympics. May-Treanor says she'll be cheering from the sidelines.)

Think you can do a better job at casting the Misty and Kerri movie?

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