Bob Costas Paid Tribute to Craig Sager on Thursday Night Football

Craig Sager -Getty-H 2016
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

"The joy he conveyed was every bit as important as the information he conveyed."

Bob Costas remembered his friend and industry colleague Craig Sager on Thursday night, hours after it was announced the iconic basketball reporter succumbed to cancer

Costas spoke about Sager during NBC's broadcast of Thursday Night Football.

“In the best sense of the word, Craig was a character," he began. "He turned the role of a sideline reporter into something distinctive. First and most obviously with his, shall we say, unique wardrobe choices. But second, and more importantly, with his irrepressible good nature."

While Costas spoke, photos of Sager interviewing some of the NBA's biggest stars were shown.

"The joy he conveyed was every bit as important as the information he conveyed," Costas said. "And we know we speak for so many of you when we convey to his family, his colleagues, and all who enjoyed his work for so long, our sympathies and our appreciation for the pleasure of his company.”

After new broke of his passing, numerous journalists and professional athletes of all sports shared their sorrow and talked about the massive amount of respect and admiration they had for Sager through the years.