Bob Dylan Won't Even Mumble About David Geffen

Courtesy of Everett Collection; Getty Images
Bob Dylan in 1965 and David Geffen (Inset)

While Neil Young and Don Henley opened up for PBS about the music industry giant, Dylan stayed mum.

This story first appeared in the August 3 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

For more confirmation of David Geffen's supreme reign within the industry, one need look no further than the roll call of who was interviewed for the Nov. 20 PBS American Masters doc Inventing David Geffen, previewed at the TCA Summer Press Tour on July 22: Tom Hanks, Jackson Browne, Barry Diller and the late Nora Ephron.

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American Masters creator Susan Lacy told THR there was only one person who wouldn't talk: Bob Dylan. More famously press-shy than even Geffen, Dylan was the subject of an American Masters installment in 2005, produced by Lacy, after she steadfastly called him once a month for 14 years.

Lacy admits she hounded Neil Young and Don Henley about Geffen, and both conceded, but knew better than to badger Dylan.

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"He just doesn't do these things," she says. Meanwhile, Geffen confessed he was wildly disappointed when, after Dylan departed Columbia Records in 1973 and signed with Geffen's label Asylum for two albums in 1974, he hastily returned to Columbia, where he remains.