Bob Dylan's Chrysler Ad Debuts: 'We Will Build Your Car' (Video)

The singer stars in the car company's Super Bowl ad, which premiered Sunday.

Chrysler enlisted the help of legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan for its Super Bowl commercial.

The car manufacturer went with a legend to provide the voiceover for its two-minute ad spot that debuted during the third quarter of the Seattle Seahawks-Denver Broncos game.

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"Is there anything more American than America?" Dylan asks, " 'Cause you can't import original. You can't fake true cool. You can't duplicate legacy."

"Because what Detroit created was the first and became an inspiration to the rest of the world," Dylan says.

The ad closes with Dylan declaring: "We will build your car."

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By featuring Dylan in this year's spot, Chrysler continues its tradition of recruiting bold-face names like Eminem, Clint Eastwood and Berry Gordy for their Super Bowl ads.

Dylan has had a busy Super Bowl this year. His 1966 hit "I Want You" was featured in a Chobani Super Bowl ad as well.

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