Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards to Exit as KTLA's Rose Parade Hosts

Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards - H

The duo have been familiar faces during the Tournament of Roses broadcast coverage since 1982.

Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards are saying goodbye to KTLA and their annual Rose Parade hosting duties.

The duo, who have appeared on the station nearly every Jan. 1 since 1982, made the announcement live on Friday morning to KTLA's Sam Rubin.

"We want to leave under our terms," the 77-year-old Eubanks said of their final broadcast on Jan. 1, 2016, according to the L.A. Times. "We want to leave when we're on top and we certainly are. And it's just time."

Eubanks continued, "This is a decision we have made — nobody else made that decision for us."

Edwards then chimed in, "I realize I am tired of the sound of my own voice ... We really did not get asked to leave," before tacking on, "this time."

No names have been announced as the replacements of the longtime hosts for the Pasadena Rose Parade, with both Eubanks and Edwards even unaware.

"Someone will come in to use those chairs," Edwards said referring to the anchor booth. "We don't know who it is."