Bob Simon's Final '60 Minutes' Segment Preview Released (Video)

AP Photo/Evan Agostini, File

The veteran CBS journalist finished filming the report on Wednesday, the day he died.

The promo for Bob Simon's final 60 Minutes segment has been released.

The segment, which will air during Sunday's episode, focuses on ZMapp, a drug positioned as integral in the fight against the Ebola virus. Simon finished filming the report on Wednesday, the day he died in a tragic car crash at age 73.

"If West African lives are to be saved, salvation may well come from Western Kentucky," Simon says in the clip. He is given a tour of warehouses, where a type of tobacco is grown to be converted into the drug.

CBS had already scheduled the segment — which was produced by his daughter, Tanya Simon — to air on Sunday. The show plans to honor the longtime correspondent by dedicating the entire Feb. 22 broadcast to a retrospective of his career.

The Ebola virus segment airs Feb. 15 on CBS. The clip can be seen below.

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