Bob Weir Falls Onstage During Concert

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The Grateful Dead guitarist and vocalist was playing the last of a nine-night stand with his current band Furthur.

Former Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir fell onstage April 25 during a set with his current band Furthur.

The mishap occurred during the last show of the band’s nine-day residency at The Capitol Theater in Port Chester, N.Y.

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Reports from Jambase said that Weir was struggling throughout the evening on vocals and guitar. Weir continued playing until the band’s second set, in which he took a spill midway through “Unbroken Chain.” He was helped back up by crewmembers and given a chair to sit in but continued to struggle. The band left the stage after the song ended. However, the rest of Furthur returned in a few minutes, announcing to the crowd that Weir was suffering from a strained shoulder and that the band would continue on without him.

Furthur is scheduled to play in Atlantic City on May 2. There are no reports on whether Weir will appear. The band began its set with a commemoration of the Capitol Theatre’s lobby bar, named Garcia in honor of Weir and Lesh’s fellow Grateful Dead member, the late Jerry Garcia.

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