'The Bobby Brown Story' Star Woody McClain on Why He Hopes Miniseries Shows "We're All Human"

"When Bobby first met me he was like, 'He's perfect, but he needs a gap,'" McClain, who portrays Bobby Brown in 'The Bobby Brown Story,' told The Hollywood Reporter.

Bobby Brown’s prerogative led the singer to success, a tumultuous marriage with the late pop icon Whitney Houston and a highly documented media circus which will all be portrayed in the new BET miniseries The Bobby Brown Story, starring Woody McClain. 

Brown’s backstory was previously publicized this summer in the highly acclaimed documentary Whitney, directed by Kevin McDonald, which illuminated the depths of the couple’s marriage and Houston’s unraveling at the height of her fame. 

McClain portrays the pop culture icon who started his career as a member of New Edition, often noted for his bad boy persona prior to blowing up with his solo career. 

"He's all about proving people wrong. This is why he went solo. This is why he blew up on his own,” McClain told The Hollywood Reporter In Studio. 

McClain starred as Brown in the networks’ previously released biopic on New Edition and entered the role with a sigh of relief after working with the same team. 

“[The Bobby Brown] story was a lot easier than the New Edition one,” said McClain. For one, the actor was encouraged on set by the R&B legend himself who held a producer credit. “I had the pleasure of having Bobby here so I [could] ask him exactly how he felt in those moments,” McClain recounted. 

McClain used the anecdotes of Brown and Houston’s tumultuous personal lives and careers as the backbone to his performance. 

“This story is going to really show people exactly what happens in those moments, those key moments that we all read about. Then they'll start to understand [that] we're all human. We're all like one moment away from going crazy.” McClain, who does his own singing and dancing in the miniseries, has no intentions of crossing into the music industry, he said. 

“I come from like the marching band. I would love to do behind the scenes, like producing. I have this group called Band Geeks and we produce, but I don't want to be the one in front like singing and doing all that kind of stuff.” He added, “I’ll pass on that one.” 

Watch the video above to hear McClain talk about what surprised him in Brown’s personal memoir, how his costar channeled Whitney Houston’s spirit and more.

The Bobby Brown Story premieres Sept. 4 and 5 at 9 p.m. on BET.