'Body of Evidence' seeks Dana Delany

Procedural would be in second position to 'Housewives'

The future of Dana Delany's character on "Desperate Housewives" has come under question as the actress has been approached to star in another ABC project, pilot "Body of Evidence."

There is no deal yet for Delany to join "Body," which would be formally in second position to "Housewives."

"Body" is a procedural that centers on a brilliant and tenacious medical examiner whose background as a neurosurgeon gives her a unique and refreshing crime-solving perspective at the ME's office -- one that often puts her at odds with just about everyone who crosses her path.

Questions about a possible Delany exit from "Housewives" first swirled at the end of last season when Delany's Katherine was part of a cliffhanger about whom would Mike (James Denton) marry -- her or Susan (Teri Hatcher).

With Mike going with Susan, Katherine's story lines have become increasingly bizarre: So far this season she has been a stalker, a psycho and a lesbian.

Delany, an Emmy winner for "China Beach," is doing an arc on another ABC series in the spring, the dramedy "Castle."

Originally approached for the role of Bree that went to Marcia Cross, Delany joined "Housewives" at the beginning of Season 4.