Oscars: Bolivia Selects 'Muralla' for Foreign-Language Category


Gory Patino's debut film tells the story of a washed-out former soccer player who gets involved in human trafficking to save his own son.

The Bolivian Filmmakers Association (ASOCINE) on Tuesday announced that Rodrigo "Gory" Patiño's Muralla will be the country's official bid for an Oscar nomination in the foreign-language film category.  

Starring Fernando Arze as Coco "Muralla” Rivera, the film tells the story of a former soccer player whose son is in the hospital waiting for an organ transplant and, in his desperation to get money to access a quick surgery, gets involved in a case of human trafficking. 

Muralla is actor-director Patiño's debut feature, and was selected by a committee of 11 members within ASOCINE. 

The pic is Bolivia's 10th Oscar submission since its first bid in 1995. The country has yet to receive a nomination.