Boll's next topics are no game: jail torture and genocide


Uwe Boll is striking back at critics with two improvised films aimed straight at the art house crowd: "Stoic," the true story of a prison rape, starring Edward Furlong, Shaun Sipos and Sam Levinson, and the Sudan genocide drama "Janjaweed."

"Stoic" chronicles a 2006 incident in which three German men (Furlong, Levinson and Steffen Mennekes) arrested for nonviolent offenses raped and tortured a cell mate (Sipos) for 10 hours before helping the victim hang himself to cover their crime.

The $2 million drama, in postproduction, is based on a treatment written by Boll and contains fully improvised dialogue by the actors.

"(The incident) all started with a game of poker, where the loser had to eat a tube of toothpaste," Boll said. "He refused and was forced to eat it, threw up and was forced to eat his puke, and things escalated from there."

Boll said he had confidence in his cast, who slept in the cell on the Vancouver set for a month, and especially Sipos ("The Grudge 2"), who Boll said actually ate a tube of toothpaste, though the vomit he ate from the floor was artificial.

Boll will shop "Stoic" at November's American Film Market and submit the films for next year's Sundance and Berlin festivals, producing the film through his Boll AG outfit with Dan Clark.

His next project, "Janjaweed," also will be improvised based on his treatment. The story, which also will have improvised dialogue, focuses on American journalists faced with the dilemma of leaving to report on the atrocities or staying to help the victims.

Boll plans to shoot the film in South Africa in January, producing through Boll AG with Clark and "Hotel Rwanda" production consultant Chris Roland. (partialdiff)