Bollywood aims parting shot at Bush

Kunaal Roy Kapur's mockumentary full of 'Bushisms'

NEW DELHI -- Barely two weeks before George W. Bush leaves the White House, Bollywood is ready with a farewell present -- a film that takes pot shots at the outgoing U.S. president.

"The President is Coming," set in Mumbai during Bush's trip to India in 2006, tells the fictional tale of six Indians vying for a chance to shake hands with the visiting head of state.

Bush is a running theme in the film and so are "Bushisms" -- the verbal slip-ups in his speeches that have gained notoriety during his eight-year presidency.

"Bush is more of a sort of metaphor for the things that America represents -- good or bad -- but he's also used as a bit of a punching bag because he's an easy target," said Kunaal Roy Kapur, the film's 29-year-old director.

Shot in a mock documentary style, the English-language film depicts a series of farcical tests conducted in a room at the U.S. consulate to single out a young Indian worthy enough to meet Bush.

"The President Is Coming," adapted from the play of the same name, opens Friday in Indian cinemas, just days before Barack Obama's inauguration.

"It's definitely a nice little goodbye present for Bush," Kapur said.

Kapur said the film, made at a cost of about 30 million rupees (approximately $625,000), would have lost much of its charm if Bush had not been the incumbent U.S. president.

"The premise wouldn't have been as much fun if any of the other presidents had been around," the first-time director said. "The whole fun of it is that it's President Bush."