Bollywood makes Jesus film in Holy Land

$30 mil film focuses on childhood of Jesus

JERUSALEM — Indian filmmakers said they're in the Holy Land to shoot the first Bollywood movie on the early life of Jesus.

Director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao said his production will have an all-Indian cast of child actors, featuring seven devotional songs.

Producer Konda Krishnam Raju said at a news conference Tuesday that the film focuses on the childhood of Jesus, a contrast with other movies that depict his later years.

"This is the first presentation of this type in Bollywood history," he added.

At $30 million, the filmmakers said, it's one of India's highest budget movies. An average Indian movie costs about $500,000.

Aditya Productions plans to release the movie next year.

Christians in India number 24 million, or about 2.3% of the population.
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