Bollywood Star Saif Ali Khan Clarifies 'Joke' About Natalie Portman Casting

BIRTHDAYS: Natalie Portman

The actress celebrates June 9.

Khan was recently quoted stating that he had cast the Hollywood actress in an upcoming "love story" but later clarified that it was a "joke."

NEW DELHI - Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan has clarified that his recent statement about casting Natalie Portman in an upcoming "love story" was a "joke." Last week, Khan was quoted stating, "A love story we are working on ... It’s a secret ... We are doing a film with Natalie Portman."

But media reports Tuesday indicated that the 41-year-old Khan did not intend this statement to be taken seriously. "It was a joke, I am sorry," Khan was quoted stating, "It's just that I am very annoyed with speculations on all aspects of my life. If this goes on, I might just start making up stories like these to entertain myself. Hope people will understand that."

Khan has been the center of whirlwind media attention for quite a while about when he plans to tie the knot with his girlfriend, top actress Kareena Kapoor. Considered India's answser to Brangelina, the couple have been in the spotlight for some years now with rumors indicating that they possibly plan to marry sometime this year.

But unconfirmed reports also pointed that the apology was given after Portman's lawyers had sent a "cease and desist" legal notice to Khan and his production banner Illuminati Films. The banner recently released romantic caper Cocktail starring Khan and actresses Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty. However, a report in the Deccan Chronicle newspaper stated that Khan was not issued any legal notice and quoted an unnamed source saying, "That’s untrue. None of this has happened and there has been no communication whatsoever from Natalie or anyone else in her team. In the clarification, when he said ‘sorry,’ it was to all his fans and followers who had actually believed what was being written. However, some people misconstrued it as a reaction to the (non-existent) notice from Natalie. Again, this is wrong information. A lot is being made out of nothing.”