Bomb scare closes Time Warner Center in N.Y.

NYPD tells THR explosives not found at site

NEW YORK -- Parts of Manhattan's Time Warner Center and adjacent Columbus Circle were temporarily closed off by police early Saturday afternoon due to a bomb scare that turned out to be unfounded.

A NYPD police officer told The Hollywood Reporter that more than a dozen police cars and a bomb squad went to the scene to check out a suspicious package. A crowd gathered and monitored the police activity from the Southwest corner of Central Park.

Later, both a NYPD press officer and a visitor information representative from the complex confirmed that the package contained no explosives. It remains unclear what was in the package or whether it was found in the building, on its grounds, or on a nearby street.

Business at the TW Center, which contains the entertainment giant's corporate headquarters, was back to normal shortly after 3pm EST.
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