Bomb Scare Forces Media Employees to Evacuate From Miracle Mile Offices

Promotional items mailed to CBS radio stations KNX 1070 and KFWB 980 led to an evacuation of a 27-story building.

A suspicious package that turned out to be a clock prompted authorities on Tuesday to evacuate a building on Wilshire Boulevard in a section of Los Angeles known as the Miracle Mile where several media companies rent office space.

At 8:24 a.m. tenants at 5670 Wilshire Blvd. notified authorities after they found a box that was making a beeping noise near the studios used by music radio station KTWV 94.7, known as the Wave.

Los Angeles fire and police, including the LAPD bomb squad, were summoned and the entire building was evacuated.

Two hours later, it was determined the beeping box contained a clock, which several tenants described as a promotional item sent by the cable TV channel BET.

An LAPD official told the Hollywood Reporter that bomb technicians simply read the return address, made a phone call to BET and asked what was contained in the box. The bomb technicians opened the package when they were informed that it contained a clock.

Later, KNX morning producer Jonathan Serviss suggested that the suspicious package was, in fact, several similar packages, and he tweeted a photo of the offending clocks.

The whole drama lasted just over two hours and attracted about two dozen police, fire and media vehicles and at least one helicopter. KNX sports reporter Randy Kerdoon kept his audience informed via Twitter.

"@KNX 1070 playing CBS-SF, KFWB now airing MSNBC, stay tuned while bomb squad checks out ticking," he tweeted at about 9:20 a.m.

Later, he tweeted: "Could this alleged ticking, clicking, beeping break from sports at 20 and 50 be because of a promo mailer from BET? Really?"


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