Bono and Chris Martin Cover "One for My Baby" for AIDS Charity on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Sean Penn made a cameo in the (RED) shopathon special performance.

For the third year in a row, Jimmy Kimmel donated some airtime to (RED)'s shopathon for a special episode filled with celebrity appearances, all in the name of fighting AIDS. 

Tuesday night's edition featured (RED) co-founder Bono offering up his take on Frank Sinatra's classic, "One for My Baby." The performance was lit in black and white, similar to Christmas specials of the past, with the singer sitting beside a bar with a red cocktail. The famous face serving up drinks was none other than Sean Penn, making a cameo for the charity event. 

Later in the song, the camera cut away from the black and white scene, and Coldplay's Chris Martin took over the vocals, sitting at a red baby grand piano.

Bono also announced he would be breaking a massive pact he made in his teens for a charitable cause. (RED) has partnered with Omaze to raffle off incredible experiences with your favorite stars for a $10 donation, and Bono has contributed a chance to play mini-golf with him and his band — a sport he swore he'd never, ever play, because he was a true rock 'n' roll guy. Make your contribution to (RED) and have a chance to play putt-putt with Bono and more here

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