Bono Spoofs Bicycle Accident With Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show' (Video)

Bono's bicycle accident forced the band to cancel its weekong residency on 'The Tonight Show' in November 2014.

Bono and U2 made their anticipated appearance on The Tonight Show on Friday night and spoofed the lead singer's bicycle accident Jimmy Fallon-style.

The frontman and Tonight Show host boarded bicycles in front of the NBC Studios in the video (Bono's bike was black and Fallon's was white and adorned with handle tassels, a bell and a flower-covered basket) for the singer's "first" bike ride since his accident.

Bono was run over twice by a van in the video, but still managed to stand up and say, "I'm good, Jimmy. Just a couple of scratches" before his bandmates hit him a third time while searching for a parking space.

Fallon also discussed the lead singer's real-life accident in the band's sit-down interview. The band's weeklong residency on The Tonight Show was canceled in November 2014 due to the singer's injury.

"There is nothing cool about coming off a push bike. This is not a Harley Davidson. There's nothing cool. There's lycra involved," Bono said.

The singer admitted that although he was wearing a leather jacket during the fall, his humerus bone was sticking out of the jacket after his accident.