Bono supports Myanmar's demonstrators


LONDON-- Bono says he had "slept uneasily" since seeing extraordinary photos and TV footage of the violence in Myanmar, and is praying for the country's pro-democracy demonstrators.

After a month of mostly peaceful demonstrations against Myanmar's military government, security forces opened fire on protesters Wednesday, and witnesses said police beat and detained dozens of Buddhist monks.

"It is extraordinary to see the Buddhist monks, isn't it? Their nonviolence may, I pray, win out over the ugliness of the situation," the U2 frontman said at the London premiere of the new movie "Across the Universe."

"There is jeopardy. I slept uneasily last night, and I'm sure everyone else that watched did, too," he said. "How far are they going to have to go?"

The 47-year-old singer said he had met and corresponded with Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro-democracy leader of Myanmar's opposition National League for Democracy Party.

"U2 actually wrote a song -- 'Walk On' -- for her," he said.

Bono said everyone should offer their support to the Burmese people.

"In Britain, (Prime Minister) Gordon Brown has shown some leadership as has (President) George Bush. Everyone should keep their fingers crossed and say your prayers for them (the protesters)," the rock star said.