'Boo! A Madea Halloween' Trailer Features Scary Shenanigans, Ghosts and Bella Thorne

Madea is back on the big screen this fall — all thanks to Chris Rock.

What started as a joke in Chris Rock's Top Five prompted Tyler Perry to create the latest Madea installment, Boo! A Madea Halloween (also the original title Rock created as a spoof). During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Perry told Fallon that Lionsgate called him because they loved the idea. "Dude, it's a joke in Chris' movie!" Perry said. "But then I came up with the concept, and it's pretty damn funny." 

As per usual with Perry's movies, he wrote, directed, produced and stars in Boo! 

The trailer opens with what appears to be a customary horror film, until Madea steps in and punches a clown. It's Halloween, and she's eager to make some money — even if it means keeping her eye on a group of rebellious teens (Diamond White, Bella Thorne) who want nothing more than to hit the party around the corner. 

The girls won't be Madea's only challenge, though. Throughout the trailer, she encounters ghosts, zombies and killers, among others. "You see white people?" Joe whispers, prompting screams from the entire room.

Jimmy Tatro and Cassi Davis round out the film's cast.

Boo! A Madea Halloween hits theatres this October.