'Book of Mormon's' Trey Parker, Matt Stone Call Spider-Man Musical a 'Train Wreck' (Video)

The Tony Awards | New York, June 12
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"I don't think it's really hit me yet ... but it's great, it's awesome," said Trey Parker (right, with Matt Stone) of their nine Tonys.

Their "South Park" lost an Oscar to Phil Collins; they were nervous about losing the Tony to Bono.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone celebrated Book of Mormon's Tony sweep on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart Wednesday.

"It was pretty great. Chris Rock said it was like taking a hooker out to dinner," joked Matt Stone of the nine Tonys their show won during Sunday's ceremony. THR Review: Book of Mormon

Stewart asked if they had problems breaking into the insular Broadway community. "People warned us to come in humble, not to come in guns ablazin," said Stone. PHOTOS: Broadway stars on the red carpet

But soon, they found themselves part of the Broadway community, joked the South Park co-creators. Affecting a snooty voice, Parker joked of the Tonys, "Why are Bono and The Edge here? They don't have a show! We're the snooty Broadway people now. What are those rapscallions doing here? Aren't they rockers?" PHOTOS: Tony Award's most memorable moments

They were both nervous they'd lose out on best musical to Spider-Man. THR Review: Spider-Man

"For the South Park movie, I lost out to Phil Collins. [I remember thinking], 'If I lose this to Bono, I'd be so bummed right now," laughed Parker. RELATED: Trey Parker, Matt Stone open up to THR about writing Book of Mormon

"Six months ago, all the talk in the town was Spider-Man before everyone saw that a train wreck that was," added Stone. "Before that, it was 'Oh man, we're going to lose to Bono.'" RELATED: 'Spider-Man's' T.V. Carpio: Harsh Reviews Were 'Crushing'

"I guess that's what happens when rockers try to do Broadway," joked Parker.

The guys are taking the summer off, and then returning to South Park in August.