Borat's Fake Kazakhstan National Anthem Plays By Mistake During Medal Ceremony (Video)

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The song, which was featured in the 2006 Sacha Baron Cohen film, was downloaded in error by event organizers.

During a recent sports event in Kuwait, the wrong national anthem for Kazakhstan played during the medal ceremony.

Instead, it was the spoof from the 2006 satirical film starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, that was heard throughout the arena at the 10th Arab Shooting Championship.

Lyrics from the fake anthem include: "Kazakhstan's prostitutes are the cleanest in the region, except, of course, for Turkmenistan's. Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, you very nice place .. come grasp the mighty penis of our leader from junction with testes to tip of its face."

As seen in the video below, gold medalist Maria Dmitrienko grew increasingly uncomfortable as the fake anthem played on. When the song was over, she forced a smile before posing for photographs with the other medalists.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, event organizers apologized for the mistake and the medal ceremony took place again. It was revealed that organizers had downloaded the wrong song from the Internet.

Borat starred Cohen as a fake Kazakh journalist traveling the U.S. and having real-life interactions with Americans. The film was banned in nearly all Arab countries.

Watch the video below: