Born to be wild


Mid-life angst hit the road at Disney's premiere of "Wild Hogs," held at the El Capitan in Hollywood on Tuesday night. The movie, about four middle-aged best friends who drive cross-country on motorbikes, affected its makers. Producer Mike Tollin went from wrapping the movie to rafting and fly-fishing in Montana with his college buddies because he was inspired by a line in the movie where a character says, "How many summers do we have left?" For director Walt Becker, the script reminded him of his father, who at 47 got a call from a friend asking him to join a trip on Harleys from Wisconsin to the ocean. "I remember telling him before he left, 'Dad you're such a poser, I hope you don't get killed,'" recalled Becker. John Travolta, who regularly takes trips with his friends to places such as Africa, said he didn't know what a mid-life crisis was. "I'm too blessed to be stressed," he said.