Melissa McCarthy's Michelle Darnell Teaches Girls How to Build a Brownie Empire in 'The Boss' Trailer

A down-and-out mogul launches a comeback in the preview for Universal's new comedy co-starring Kristen Bell.

"My name is Michelle Darnell, and I'm the wealthiest woman in America," Melissa McCarthy's character announces triumphantly Universal's new trailer for The Boss — after arriving via golden phoenix on a stage better suited to a pop superstar than a mogul of finance. Clearly she didn't get to be the richest woman in America by being nice. In full Devil Wears Prada mode, the person who bears the brunt of her bluntness is her sweet assistant (and single mom) Claire (Kristen Bell).

But after Michelle loses it all when she's arrested for insider trading, it's Claire to the rescue, taking in her old boss after she's released. Hijinks, of course, ensue when Michelle makes herself useful by getting involved in Claire's daughter's Dandelion troop, enlisting the girls in her own comeback — and teaching them some shortcuts to success along the way.

The Boss hits theaters on April 8, 2016.