The Bosses

Wesley Mann

Peter O'Malley & Stan Kasten

On a recent evening, former Dodgers owner O'Malley returned to the stadium to take in a game, a rare occurrence during the Frank McCourt era. As the 74-year-old strode through a concourse, fans young and old -- including children who weren't born when he sold the team to News Corp. in 1998 -- approached O'Malley for autographs, and he obliged every one. O'Malley, also on his way to new baseball ownership, with his family-led group agreeing to purchase the San Diego Padres on Aug. 6 for about $800 million, has praise for the new Dodgers owners: "Magic is so loved, respected and admired in the community. Peter brings a lot to the party -- creative, smart and visible. The team, together with the Guggenheim folks, I think it's a winner." For current team president Kasten, 60, bringing back former Dodgers is a priority. "We're working on a plan to achieve that," he says, adding that since the new owners took over, former players and execs have come out of the woodwork to get involved. "That's been really nice for us."

Photographed June 13 on the Club level, Aisle 243