Boston Globe Unveils Fake Trump Newspaper

Scott Olson/Getty Images

The edition imagines a Donald Trump presidency in a "front page we hope we never have to print."

The Boston Globe wants its readers to imagine what a real Donald Trump presidency would look like. 

In "the front page we hope we never have to print," the newspaper created a fake Sunday edition that reports the news of "Trump's America." The paper, which was recently popularized in the Oscar-winning film Spotlight, tweeted out images of the front page on Saturday with the message, "Welcome to Trump's America." 

The main story of the day is reported as "Trump: Deport illegals 'so fast your head will spin,'" with other headlines on the faux front page covering city-wide deportations, a trade war and a libel law that "targets ‘absolute scum’ in press." 

The front page goes to an opinion page online that explains the fake edition. "Donald J. Trump’s vision for the future of our nation is as deeply disturbing as it is profoundly un-American." 

In the opinion piece entitled "The GOP Must Stop Trump," the article goes on to call the edition "an exercise in taking a man at his word," creating a world that the GOP candidate has been promising on the campaign trail.

The Sunday paper, which is "to envision what America looks like with Trump in the White House," predicts a dire future, but has a few comedic moments as well. In the bleak future, there are also mentions of Ambassador Kid Rock and a new Trump National Park that "dropped its loser name, Yellowstone," and “A Trumping to Remember, the president’s first romance novel."