Anthony Bourdain Slams Weinstein Conspirators: "You Are Beneath Whale S--t"

Anthony Bourdain - Build Series - Getty - H 2017
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Following the release of a New Yorker story outlining how the disgraced mogul and his legal team used ex-Mossad agents to spy on and discredit accusers and journalists, the CNN star called out American Media Inc.'s Dyland Howard and lawyer David Boies on Twitter.

A furious Anthony Bourdain took to Twitter on Monday night to publicly excoriate Harvey Weinstein's conspirators after a bombshell New Yorker report outlined how the disgraced movie mogul engaged a network of private investigators and former spies to spy on and discredit women alleging sexual assault, as well as journalists digging into the story. 

Bourdain, whose partner is Italian actress Asia Argento, who alleged in Farrow's earlier report for the New Yorker that Weinstein raped her, described the story on the machinery Weinstein used to spy on his accusers as a "nuclear bomb" and called out other enablers, including Dylan Howard, the chief content officer of American Media Inc., home to the National Enquirer, whom the CNN star described as "beneath whale shit." Farrow reports that Howard helped Weinstein's team collect negative information on actress Rose McGowan, who has said she was raped by Weinstein in a hotel room during the 1997 Sundance Film Festival. 

Bourdain also called out Weinstein's lawyer David Boies and his alleged conflict of interest in representing the producer and the New York Times in another legal matter. 

Farrow's latest report details how Weinstein, through Boies' firm, contracted two intelligence companies, Kroll and Black Cube, the latter of which promotes itself as "a select group of veterans from the Israeli elite intelligence units." Both companies, over a number of months and through false identities, tried to gain the confidence of McGowan and actress Annabella Sciorra and report back information that could help Weinstein. The investigators also attempted to engage with journalists Ben Wallace at New York magazine, Jodi Kantor at the New York Times and Farrow himself.