‘Bourne’ Fans Tweet Support for Jeremy Renner

David Livingston/Getty Images

He has been offered the starring role in Tony Gilroy's "The Bourne Legacy."

Fans of the Bourne franchise are mostly pleased with the news that Jeremy Renner has been offered the starring role in Tony Gilroy's The Bourne Legacy (he’d play a brand new lead character distinct from Matt Damon's Jason Bourne .

“I'm totally down with this choice,” Tweeted Kvinakmens, while irishhels added that the Oscar-nominated actor “needs to take Bourne role...he'd be great.”
“Awesome!” Tweeted AXCS. “He can totally pull it off.”
Renner may have one problem: Scheduling. It took a while to work out his ability to star in Paramount's Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, which he's shooting now for a March release. That followed filming his role in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, also for Paramount, which hits theaters in December. Then there's the little movie The Avengers, in which he plays Hawkeye for Marvel Studios and Disney. That comes out in May next year.
Some Bourne fans say he shouldn’t take on the films.
“Not sure Jeremy Renner brings enough excitement to a franchise like "Bourne,” wrote Only4RM. “Would've gone w/ Jake Gyllenhaal or Ryan Gosling.”