'Bourne' holds off 'Chuck' rise

Monday recount puts thriller at No. 1 overseas for sixth time

In an overseas market stocked with summer leftovers and films held back until the tentpoles move out, "The Bourne Ultimatum" held the No. 1 weekend position for the sixth time in the seven weeks it has been in international release.

The third installment of the Matt Damon action thriller took in $9.4 million from 37 territories, reversing Sunday estimates that had "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" in first place. A Monday-morning recount by Universal Pictures International brought "Chuck & Larry's" estimated $9.3 million weekend tally down to $8.4 million and raised "Bourne" from $8.7 million to $9.4 million.

Among the newcomers, "Resident Evil: Extinction," the third time around for the action-horror franchise, is starting to show some muscle, though an accurate weekend count could not be obtained for the Screen Gems title that is being released overseas partly by Sony Pictures Releasing International and partly by Summit Entertainment, with the latter depending mainly on territorial distributors. A weekend estimate gave "Extinction" about $7.3 million from about 1,350 screens in nine markets for an estimated cume of $18.5 million to date. A Sony weekend opening included India ($118,000 from 49 screens). In its second weekend in Mexico via Sony, "Extinction" took in $1.9 million from 308 screens for a market cume to date of $4.3 million. Summit's figures did not arrive by press time.

With six No. 1 openings among the 32 territories in which it is now playing, "Chuck & Larry" moved up to an international cume of $37.2 million after adding its $8.4 million weekend take from 2,312 playdates. The top-of-the-market openings included Germany ($2.9 million from 495 screens), Mexico ($1.3 million from 305), Austria ($566,000 from 86) and Malaysia ($162,000 from 30). The Adam Sandler-Kevin James starrer is set to open in 11 more territories, with Israel coming aboard this weekend.

Disney/Pixar's "Ratatouille" ($5.8 million from 27 markets during the weekend) has reached an international cume of $224.2 million as new key markets come into play -- Germany is set for this weekend and the U.K. on Oct. 12 -- and as school holidays sprout up in many territories. In its fourth week in Australia, with school holidays currently in play, "Ratatouille" went up 16%, with a $1.1 million weekend take for a market cume of $8.2 million. Weekend openings included No. 1 arrivals in Norway ($815,000 from 82 screens) and Greece ($740,00 from 117). At its ninth week in France, the animated film took in $1.3 million from 592 screens for a market cume to date of $57.8 million, close behind "Finding Nemo," Disney/Pixar's all-time top outing in France with $63.2 million.

Also new on the international chart is the Jodie Foster crime drama "The Brave One," which under the wings of Warner Bros. Pictures International tallied $6.5 million from 2,075 prints in 21 markets, providing an early cume of $8.2 million. Spain delivered $1.3 million from 303 screens; Germany, $1.1 million from 401; France, $1.1 million from 277; the U.K., $1 million from 337; and Italy, $894,000 from 253.

Another Warners International entry, "No Reservations," came in with $4.3 million from 2,200 prints in 53 markets, with Japan debuting with $1.1 million from 291 prints. The film ranked third in Spain on its second weekend, scoring $937,000 from 300 prints for a market cume to date of $2.9 million.

In holding on to the international lead, "Bourne," which has 10 more territories to play, has taken in $10 million in 19 days in France, $12.6 million in 25 days in Germany and $45.6 million in seven weeks in the U.K.

More weekend action in an overstocked market: "Superbad," $4.5 million (cume: $16.8 million); "Surf's Up," $2.7 million (cume: $50.1 million); "The Simpsons Movie," $2.4 million (cume: $336.9 million); "Evan Almighty," $3.5 million (cume: $61.9 million); "Shrek the Third," $2 million (cume: $467.1 million); "Knocked Up," $1.5 million (cume: $53.9 million); "Disturbia," $1.2 million (cume: $34.1 million); "Stardust," $1.4 million (cume: $21.8 million); "28 Weeks," $1.2 million (cume: $33 million), "Rush Hour 3," $2.5 million (cume: $76.2 million); and "Hairspray," $2.5 million (cume: $56.2 million).    

Cume updates: "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," $152 million; "Die Hard 4.0," $237 million; "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," $643.7 million; and "Hot Fuzz," $54.7 million.

New offerings are spread all over at this time of the year, providing opportunities for a diverse group of films to enter the international market, including adult-themed Oscar hopefuls. The weekend lineup in the U.K. perhaps gives an indication of what's out there and what's coming up.

The David Schwimmer-directed "Run, Fat Boy, Run," is No. 1 at its fourth weekend with a market total of $16 million; Universal's "Atonement" holds second place with a weekend gross of $1.6 million and a $16.8 million cume in 24 days; "Chuck & Larry" came in third, followed by "Superbad" ($9.7 million after three weekends).

Paramount's "Halloween" arĀ¬rived at No. 5 with $1.2 million from 372 screens, and the George Clooney starrer "Michael Clayton" moved in at No. 6 with $1.2 million from 295 playdates. LionsĀ¬gate's "War" made the No. 10 spot with $420,468 from 180 screens.