Box Office: 'American Sniper' Quickly Becoming No. 1 War Film of All Time

Anatomy of American Sniper BTS - H 2015
Keith Bernstein

Anatomy of American Sniper BTS - H 2015

Clint Eastwood's Oscar-nominated film is days away from eclipsing Steven Spielberg's 'Saving Private Ryan.'

American Sniper has set its sights on another record: Within a matter of days, it will overtake Steven Spielberg's WWII classic Saving Private Ryan to become the top-grossing war-themed film of all time in North America, not accounting for inflation.

Clint Eastwood's history-making movie jumped the $200 million mark on Sunday, putting it ahead of Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor, another WWII title, which topped out at $198.5 million domestically in 2001. American Sniper is distinct from those two film in being set during a modern-day conflict.

Saving Private Ryan, released in 1998, earned $216.7 million domestically. Taking inflation into account, that would equal roughly $312 million in today's terms. But a record is a record, and the history-making Sniper will cross $216 million sometime this week for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow.

Films addressing recent conflicts have had a decidedly mixed track record, but American Sniper is benefiting from a massive turnout in America's heartland, as well as from its six Oscar nominations, including best picture and best actor for Bradley Cooper's performance as the late Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL who fought in the second Iraq war.

In celebrating Sniper's $200 million milestone, Warners domestic distribution chief Dan Fellman said that Eastwood "created a gripping drama with a rare insight into the toll of war that has resonated with audiences in almost every demographic."

Here's a rundown of how films addressing post-9/11 conflicts, or terrorism, have performed, according to Rentrak.

Lone Survivor 
Release: 12/25/13
Rating: R
Gross: $125,088,651

Zero Dark Thirty
Release: 12/19/12
Rating: R
Gross: $95,720,716

Act of Valor
Release: 2/24/12
Rating: R
Gross: $70,012,847

Release: 11/4/05
Rating: R
Gross: $62,696,152

The Kingdom
Release: 9/28/07
Rating: R
Gross: $47,536,778

Green Zone
Release: 3/12/10
Rating: R
Gross: $35,497,337

The Hurt Locker
Release: 6/26/09
Rating: R
Gross: $17,017,811