Box Office Update: 'The Hangover Part II' Outpacing the Original

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The R-rated sequel has already grossed $154 million overseas -- not that far behind the $186.9 million domestic cume. Despite being shot in Thailand the pic is tanking in that Southeast Asian market.

The Todd Phillips sequel has grossed $432.1 million worldwide in less than three weeks, and it has already passed the first film internationally.

Breaking all the rules, Todd PhillipsThe Hangover Part II has grossed $432.1 million in its first 18 days at the worldwide box office—not far behind the $467.5 million earned by the first Hangover in its entire theatrical run.

The Warner Bros. raunchy comedy jumped the $200 million mark at both the domestic and international box office this weekend. In North America, the film’s cume through Sunday is an estimated $216.6 million.
Perhaps the biggest surprise is the movie’s performance overseas, where American comedies haven’t historically traveled well.
Hangover Part II has grossed $215.5 million internationally, outpacing the $190.2 million cumed by the original Hangover. And it still has several key territories to open, including Spain.
“The movie itself as become an event,” Warner Bros. president of international distribution Veronika Kwan-Rubinek said.
In almost every major market, Hangover Part II is pacing ahead of its predecessor.
The sequel has grossed the most in the U.K. ($43.1 million), followed by Australia ($23.9 million).
Hangover Part II is no slouch in non-English speaking countries, and has grossed $23.9 million in Germany, $15.7 million in France, $12 million in Italy and $15.7 million in Russia, nearly double the first film’s gross. In Latin America, it’s grossed $9.6 million in Brazil and $9.5 million in Mexico.
Warner Bros. executives believe Hangover II will reach $260 million or $270 million domestically, and at least $250 million overseas. The first film cumed $277.3 million in North America.
Jeff Goldstein, executive vice president of domestic distribution, said the film continues to have great word of mouth.