Box Office Report: ‘Immortals’ Slays With $68 Mil Worldwide Debut

Immortals Film Still Group - H 2011

Immortals Film Still Group - H 2011

Adam Sandler’s new holiday family pic “Jack and Jill” opens to $26 million, while Clint Eastwood’s Leonardo DiCaprio starrer “J. Edgar” bows to $11.5 million on the strength of older adults.

In Relativity Media’s biggest win to date, the 3D action-epic Immortals topped the domestic box office with a $32 million opening, while grossing another $36 million overseas--where Relativity sold off foreign rights--for an estimated worldwide bow of $68 million.

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Elsewhere, Adam Sandler's family comedy Jack and Jill launched to $26 million, while DreamWorks Animation and Paramount's holdover Puss in Boots folllowed closely with $25.5 million. Box office observers say the final lineup between the two won't be determined until Monday morning.

Jack and Jill, headlining Sandler both in the role of a brother and his twin sister, saw lower opening numbers than usual for the actor, but Sony expects the movie to have strong legs through Thanksgiving. Also starring Al Pacino and Katie Holmes, Jack and Jill came in slightly behind the $27.5 million earned by Sandler's most recent PG film, Bedtime Stories. Most of Sandler’s films are rated PG-13, and open north of $30 million.

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Jack and Jill opened to a notable $2.5 million in Mexico--the largest opening ever for a Sandler pic.

DreamWorks Animation and Paramount's Puss in Boots remained a worthy opponent in its third weekend, dropping only 23 percent and finishing the frame with a domestic cume of $108.8 million. It was the second Paramount title of the weekend to jump the $100 million mark, with Paranormal Activity 3 being the other (that's pics domestic cume through Sunday is $100.8 million).

Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar biopic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, got off to a solid start for Warner Bros. on the strength of older adults, grossing $11.5 million, in line with Eastwood's other openings.

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Immortals--starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, Stephen Dorff, Isabel Lucas, Kellan Lutz, Freida Pinto and Luke Evans--is a critical moment for Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity, which fully financed and produced the tentpole. The movie cost $75 million to make after tax rebates and is a fantasy adventure along the lines of box office hit 300, which opened north of $70 million. Relativity cites the overall soft marketplace for the difference

Heading into the weekend, tracking had suggested a $25 million to $26 million opening weekend for Immortals, but the film overperformed on the strength of fanboys and is the third highest R-rated opening of the year after Hangover Part 2 ($85 million) and Paranormal 3 ($52 million). It’s also the top opening for Relativity since jumping into the distribution game.

"The picture exceeded expectations, and there's no other action-adventure until you get to Christmas, which bodes well," Relativity president of distribution Kyle Davies said.

Males made up 60 percent of Immortals’ audience, while 75 percent was under the age of 35 (the largest chunk, or 39%, were between the ages of 25 and 35). Hispanics made up the largest segment of the audience at 35 percent, followed by Caucasians at 30 percent. The film drew a healthy 66 percent of its grosses from 3D screens.

"Action fans have been staying away, and clearly this movie got those fans," Davies said.

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Immortals opened day and date in 35 territories, including China (through Relativity's co-venture with Skyland), Germany, Italy, the U.K., South Korea, Japan and South Korea.

Immortals, Jack and Jill and J. Edgar all received a B CinemaScore.

As with Immortals, Jack and Jill and J. Edgar are counting on strong legs as Hollywood heads into Thanksgiving.

"I think we're in good shape. No one gets better multiples than Adam Sandler," Sony president of worldwide distribution Rory Bruer said.

Families made up 53 percent of the audience for Jack and Jill, which cost $80 million to produce. Bedtime Stories, after opening to $27.5 million domestically, grossed $101. million in North American and $102.8 million internationally for a worldwide cume of $212.9 million.

Warner Bros. says J. Edgar is poised to play well to adults throughout Thanksgiving. A full 94 percent of those going to see the biopic of the legendary F.B.I head were over the age of 25, and 66 percent over the age of 50.

"I opened on this date for a reason," Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman said.


For full weekend results, see below.

Top 10 Domestic Box Office Nov. 11-Nov. 13

Title/Weeks in Release/Studio/Theater Count/Weekend Total/Cume

1. Immortals (1), Relativity Media/3,112, $32 million
2. Jack and Jill (1), Sony/3,438, $26 million
3. Puss in Boots (3), Paramount/DreamWorks Animation/3,903, $25.5 million, $108.8 million
4. Tower Heist (2), Universal/3,370, $13.2 million, $43.9 million
5. J Edgar (1), Warner Bros./1,1910, $11.5 million
6. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2), Warner Bros./New Line/1,910, $5.9 million, $23.2 million
7. In Time (3), Fox/New Regency/2,591, $4.2 million, $30.7 million
8. Paranormal Activity 3 (4), Paramount/,2,776, $3.6 million, $100.8 million
9. Footloose (5), Paramount/2,215, $2.7 milion, $48.9 million
10. Real Steel (6), Disney/DreamWorks/1,758, $2 million, $81.7 million