Box Office Report: 'Sharknado' Theater Experiment Lacks Bite

Syfy and NCM Fathom Events partnered to host more than 200 midnight screenings of the campy made-for-TV movie in theaters across the country.

Sharknado may want to stick to the little screen.

Syfy and NCM Fathom Events aren't reporting official numbers yet, but sources are suggesting to The Hollywood Reporter that a special midnight screening of the campy pic in 200 Regal-owned theaters over the weekend took in less than $200,000.

TV RATINGS: 'Sharknado' Repeat Topples Premiere With 2.1 Million Viewers 

The made-for-TV film stars Tara Reid and Ian Ziering.

Sharknado became a pop culture phenomenon when it seemed to hold Twitter captive during its July 11 premiere on Syfy. It went on to hit a ratings high in its third broadcast on Syfy on July 29, bringing in 2.1 million viewers. That's up from the modest 1.4 million who tuned in to the inaugural telecast and the 1.9 million who watched the July 17 encore.

Syfy has already given a green light to a New York-set Sharknado sequel, scheduled to premiere in July 2014.

A spokesperson for NCM Fathom couldn't confirm numbers for the midnight screenings, saying they wouldn't be available until later in the week.