Box Office Report: Veteran Steven Spielberg Producer Backing Anti-Obama Doc, Says 'Fair' and 'Truthful'

Barack Obama Fundraising California - H 2012
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Barack Obama Fundraising California - H 2012

Gerald Molen, whose credits include "Schlinder's List" and "Jurassic Park," produced "2016: Obama's America."

The filmmakers behind 2016: Obama's America vowed on Sunday to keep expanding the film's run based on demand.

Over the weekend, the anti-Barack Obama documentary did stellar business as it expanded nationwide, grossing $6.3 million from 1,091 theaters and beating three other new films. Obama's America posted a per screen average of $5,717, the best location average of any film in the top 10.

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Gerald Molen -- a veteran producer who has worked on many of Steven Spielberg's films, including Schlinder's List, Jurassic Park and Hook -- produced Obama's America, the first doc he has produced.

“All of my movies have been about telling the truth,” said Molen. “That’s important to me. We’ve gone out of our way to make a movie that’s fair and truthful. And these numbers tell me that the American people agree with that assessment.”

Writing for the May 4, 2012, issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Molen said he and Spielberg never had any political disagreements.

"I was a conservative, but I never hid my politics either. With my more liberal friends I've worked with, there was never a problem with disagreeing politically. It is the American way," Molen wrote.

"This last election, it was different. It was more difficult for conservatives to open up. I don't know why Hollywood is so monolithic in its liberal politics now," he continued. "When I first started in the business, some of the bigger names in Hollywood on the right, like John Wayne and Bob Hope, weren't afraid to exhibit their political stripes. Today, those on the right have a tendency to hide their politics because the left is vindictive."

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Obama's America, based on conservative commentator Dinesh D'Souza's book, was co-directed by D'Souza and John Sullivan.

"We still live in a consumer-driven capitalistic economy and if there is demand we will do everything we can to meet it with supply,” D'Souza quipped. “Our plan is to do our best to expand this film to as many theaters as the people demand. We’ll be taking a close look at various markets and determining where we go next.”

Opening a month ago in select theaters, Obama's America has grossed $9.1 million to date, the top documentary of 2012 (excluding nature films). Among other records, Obama's America is now the top conservative documentary of all time, beating out Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed ($7.7 million).

Obama's America -- promoted heavily on talk radio and distributed by Rocky Mountain Pictures -- timed its nationwide expansion to the Republican National Convention, which gets underway this week in Tampa, Fla.

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The filmmakers contend that Obama's America was excluded last week from a number of film guides published in newspapers across the country.