Box Office Report: Weinstein Co. Beats Most Major Studios in 1st Quarter

"Silver Linings Playbook"

Universal is No. 1 with $306.5 million in domestic box office revenue, followed by Harvey and Bob Weinstein's outfit with $282.4 million.

After only three months, The Weinstein Co. is already on the verge of enjoying its best year ever at the domestic box office.

Harvey and Bob Weinstein's venture ended the first quarter No. 2 in marketshare behind Universal -- a rare feat for an indie company -- with $282.4 million in revenue. That's up nearly 274 percent from the first quarter of 2012 ($75.6 million) thanks in large part to box office hits Django Unchained and Silver Linings Playbook.

Silver Linings, launching in a limited run on Nov. 16 before expanding nationwide at the end of the year, has taken in a total of $128.8 million domestically, including $100.3 million since Jan. 1. Django has grossed $162.4 million since its Dec. 25 release, with $93.7 million earned since Jan. 1.

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TWC's revenue for the quarter have already eclipsed total revenue for 2012 ($258.2 million), and is only $13.7 million shy of the $296.1 million generated in 2011, the company's best year to date.

Universal topped the marketshare chart in the first quarter with $306.5 million in revenue, fueled by strong performances from Identity Thief, Les Miserables and Mama.

However, Universal was still down year-to-year in terms of revenue -- as was every studio save for Disney -- reflecting the overall decline at the box office office, where revenue is running 13 percent behind the first three months of 2012.

Marketshare doesn't paint a clear picture of a company's health, however, since it has no correlation to profitability.

Disney, bolstered by Oz the Great and Powerful, was No. 3 in domestic marketshare ($273.7 million), followed by Warner Bros. ($262.4 million), 20th Century Fox ($256.9 million), Lionsgate ($202.6 million), Paramount ($174.3 million), Sony ($152 million), Relativity ($103.6 million) and FilmDistrict ($85 million).