Box Office: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Hits $1.54B Globally, Tops 'Avengers'

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Still 24 - Stormtroopers First Order - H 2015
Courtesy of Lucasfilms 2015/Walt Disney Studios

In North America, the blockbuster prepares to pass up 'Avatar' and become the top-grossing title in history, not accounting for inflation.

J.J. Abrams' record-shattering Star Wars: The Force Awakens raced past Furious 7 and Marvel's The Avengers at the worldwide box office on Monday to land at No. 4 on the list of the all-time top-grossing films with a staggering total of $1.54 billion, not accounting for inflation.

Furious 7 (2015) grossed $1.515 billion globally; The Avengers (2012), $1.529 billion.

And in North America, the Disney and Lucasfilm release is on the verge of overtaking Avatar ($760.5 million) to become the top-grossing title of all time, again not accounting for inflation. It's still not clear whether it will achieve the milestone on Tuesday or Wednesday. However, Force Awakens isn't likely to overtake Avatar ($2.78 billion) worldwide.

On Monday, Force Awakens earned $8 million in North America for a domestic total of $750.2 million. That actually bests the original run of Avatar ($749.8 million) following its release in 2009. The $760.5 million tally includes $10.5 million earned by Avatar when it was rereleased.

Overseas on Monday, the tentpole took in $14.5 million for a foreign tally of $786.1 million. 

Thanks to the movie's massive showing, North American box-office revenue for 2015 hit a record $11 billion at the last minute, while global revenue crossed $38 billion for the first time in history, according to Rentrak. The holiday corridor also saw record revenue levels.

Offshore, the movie is performing strongest in Europe and Australia. Conversely, it's not breaking records in some parts of Asia, such as South Korea, but expects to be a huge player in China when landing there Jan. 9.

The U.K. leads overseas with $146.9 million, where Force has passed up Spectre ($145.1 million) to score the second-best showing of all time behind Skyfall ($161 million). Next up is Germany ($83.3 million), followed by France ($70.6 million), Japan ($55.7 million), Australia ($51.7 million), Spain ($28.4 million), Italy ($25.4 million),  Mexico ($24.8 million), South Korea ($23.2 million), Russia ($22.8 million) and Brazil ($21.7 million).