Box Office: Tom Cruise's 'Edge of Tomorrow' Soars in South Korea With $3.8 Million

Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise in Battle - H 2014
Warner Bros.

Edge of Tomorrow Tom Cruise in Battle - H 2014

The pricey sci-fi epic will need to do big business internationally to make up for what's expected to be a soft domestic launch.

Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow launched to a stellar $3.8 million in South Korea on Wednesday. Excluding sneak previews on Tuesday, that's the biggest opening for a Cruise film and the fourth-biggest debut of all time for a Hollywood title.

Still, Edge of Tomorrow will have to do big business across the entire international marketplace to make back its pricey $178 million budget. In North America, the movie launches Thursday night amid soft pre-release tracking.

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The Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow title began rolling out internationally last weekend, taking in a so-so $20 million. Edge of Tomorrow did best in Asia, but opened behind Cruise's last movie, Oblivion, in many markets. The movie has earned $33 million internationally to date.

In addition to opening in South Korea on Wednesday, Edge of Tomorrow also launched in France, where it came in No. 1 with an OK $859,000 (last week, Maleficent grossed $2.5 million on its first Wednesday).

This weekend will be a key test for Edge of Tomorrow at the foreign box office, where it opens in 36 markets, including including China, Russia, Australia and Mexico (insiders at Warners are hopeful that the movie will top the international chart).

Warners is particularly bullish on South Korea, since it's a five-day holiday there.