'Boy Next Door' Mocked for "First Edition" of 'Iliad' Given to Jennifer Lopez

Boy_Next_Door_Iliad_Still - H 2015

Boy_Next_Door_Iliad_Still - H 2015

In the film, Lopez receives the 3,000-year-old book as a gift from her male teenage neighbor who says, "It was a buck at a garage sale."

Audiences are questioning The Boy Next Door producers about the "first edition" copy of The Iliad that Jennifer Lopez is given in the film by costar Ryan Guzman.

In the film, Noah Sandborn (Guzman) walks to neighbor-turned-lover Claire Peterson's (Lopez) home to give her a gift, which turns out to be a "first edition" copy of The Iliad.

Claire reluctantly accepts the gift and says, "oh my god, this is a first edition? I can't accept this. This must have cost a fortune" to which Noah replies, "it was a buck at a garage sale."

The Iliad is a Greek epic poem written 3,000 years ago by Homer that was passed down as an oral tradition before being written in the late 10th Century. But the $1, "first edition" book given to Claire by her stalker neighbor is hardbound — and written in English.

Boy Next Door audiences took to social media to point out the discrepancies and unlikelihood of finding a hardbound, "first edition" ancient book for $1 at a yard sale.

Screenwriter Barbara Curry came to the defense of her script, which she says "won numerous awards."

“Much of my original script was rewritten by the producers and the director. I was not given the opportunity to participate in the production of this movie," Curry said in an interview with Fusion. “As for the first edition Iliad reference in the movie, that was not something I wrote in my original script.”

The thriller film had a $4 million budget and was directed by Rob Cohen.

"I was told by the producer who actually purchased the script that he loved it and didn’t want me to change a word," Curry said. "Someone else obviously disagreed.”