Boy From 'Success Kid' Meme Fundraising to Get Dad a New Kidney

Success Kid Family - H 2015

Sammy Griner's father had full kidney failure in 2009.

Success Kid is looking for a big win.

Sammy Griner, now eight, was just 11-months old when a photo of him clenching his fist on a beach was taken in 2007. Three years later, the photo was turned into the Success Kid meme, with his image used to symbolize life's big and small victories.

Now Sammy Griner's dad Justin Griner is in need of a kidney transplant, and his family has set up a GoFundMe page to accept donations. In under seven days, the family has already reached its $75,000 goal to help cover pre-treatments and the transplant.

Justin Griner, 39, was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2006, and had full kidney failure in 2009. He remains on dialysis, and his wife Laney Griner spoke to The Daily Dot about their struggle.

"His energy and mood are affected, he can no longer work and he spends 12 hours a week in dialysis clinic," she told The Daily Dot. "Having been on dialysis for this long greatly increases his risks of developing further complications. The only way to save his life is to get a transplant. There's no other way around that."

The family is currently looking for a donor, and have a page where people can see if they are a match

Took a photo of my son trying to eat sand, six years later he's on t-shirts. Success mom approved!

Posted by Laney Robertson Griner on Saturday, August 10, 2013