Boyz II Men to Perform in Moscow, Allegedly in Bid to Entice Russians to Reproduce

Boyz II Men National Anthem NBA - H 2011
Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Boyz II Men National Anthem NBA - H 2011

The R&B trio are said to be part of President Putin's campaign to put Russians back into bed in order to reverse the declining birthrate in the country.

Here's hoping the people of Russia get very into the music at the country's upcoming Boyz II Men concert.

The long-running R&B trio are taking a break from playing in Sin City to travel halfway across the world and perform for the people in Moscow on Feb. 6. That the show is being put on ahead of Valentine's Day is said to be no accident; President Vladimir Putin, according to the English-language Moscow Times, has been on a campaign to increase birthrates in the country, which is facing a rapid population decline.

Russia is facing a decrease of 25 million people -- from 142 million to 116 million -- by 2050 if the current rates of childbirth and early death from alcoholism, heroin addiction, pollution and general poor health continues, according to the UK's Daily Mail.

In an interview with the Moscow Times, the trio professed their love for Russian fans, but little in the way of special treatment.

"One of the reasons we have so many loyal fans is that we stay true to who we are. We don't tailor each show to a specific audience," the group said. "We bring 100 percent energy each and every night we're out on tour -- and we love seeing the fans react to that."