Brad Pitt's Custom Shades In 'Moneyball'

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Learn more about the stylish 'Louis' aviator shades Pitt sports in the film.

Brad Pitt takes on the role of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane in Sony's Moneyball (in theaters now). Part of getting into character included carefully selecting custom shades from the Beverly Hills eyewear boutique Destination Sama (9530 Brighton Way, 310-271-1734). The company, which is a favorite among actors and industry execs, also designed iconic styles for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Miami Vice and Iron Man 2. In the movie, Pitt wears two styles of 'Louis' aviators in platinum and brown. The frames retail for $348 (an additional $75 to $250 depending on the lens style chosen).

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THR talked to Ross Vance, head of production at Sama, about teaming up with Pitt:

The Hollywood Reporter: How did you get involved with the film?

Ross Vance: It was a direct request from Brad [Pitt]. I had designed a series of aviators for him a year earlier that he really liked. When he started prepping for Moneyball, he felt that the styling and direction of our aviators were reflective of the time and would be perfect for the character of Billy Beane. He had the studio's wardrobe and prop styling team contact me about designing frames for him to wear in the film.

THR: Were you given specific design directions?

RV: The look needed to be authentic — I was told nothing too vintage or too oversized.

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THR: Did Brad weigh in on the different styles?

RV: Completely. He has such an appreciation for great design aesthetic and it translates to his personal style. He had strong opinions about the product during the whole process. The aviators were definitely his idea.

THR: How many pairs did you make?

RV: We originally created 25 different versions for consideration. We ended up making nine pairs total for the film. He wears the 'Louis' aviators in a few different shades.

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THR: Did Brad have a favorite pair?

RV: He loved the platinum frames with custom vintage green lenses. He liked the contrast of platinum against the bright green.

THR: Can filmgoers buy the styles seen in the film?

RV: Yes, of course. There are some changes because they were all custom made for Brad's character — we did special colored lenses with non-reflective coatings for shooting. However, the frame shape that you see on Brad is available. (